Each commission can be individually built to the specification of your choice.

We can either source and supply a new vehicle or tailor an existing vehicle you already own.

We have built over 70 Motech edition cars through BMW and now we thought it was time to be able to built the dream for others.

Our Wheels

The M-W Range has been developed and designed to give you the ultimate choice of wheels.

Each of our wheels are designed and tested for perfect fitment and can be paired with our lowering spring package to achieve the ultimate stance and ride quality. 

Our M-W range of wheels have both forged and cast variants to fit models across our collection.

Our Spring kits

We have a variety of kits that fit across our collection, that we have spent endless hours of development on to make sure that the stance and comfort are just as desirable as one another.

We also offer multiple variations for some models, as we know that it is important to match the lifestyle, and not everyone is the same.


We believe that styling is so unique that it is important to be able to offer a variety.

We offer full styling kits that completely transform the car, from subtle to spoilers to aggressive front splitters we can cater for all.


Not only is it important that your car looks good, but we want you smile and feel good when you're driving.

Nothing makes you smile more than the sound of your own car and that is why we use REMUS exhausts.

REMUS includes various renowned premium car manufacturers, such as Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Bentley, McLaren, Aston Martin, BMW or Ducati as its OEM clients.


We can start as little as changing the the start, stop button to fitting our Motech steering wheel. The interior of your car is such personal space we take as much thought and care as you.


We know that its all about the little details in life, especially when it comes to your car. We have added a variety of touches to customers commissions over the years and think its a great way to show individuality, from colour coding mirror caps to calliper paint or even end plates of a spoiler. It always makes the car a little more complete.